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AcroYoga is a dynamic practice that combines the wisdom of yoga, the strength and elegance of acrobatics and the benevolent touch of Thai massage. These three legacies form the basis of a practice with partners that cultivates trust, play and community.

This practice was founded by Jason Nemer (Olympic gymnast) and Jenny Klein (Thai massage therapist and caring communication coach) in San Francisco in 2006.

Based on their yoga experience as well as their respective practices, they lay the foundations of AcroYoga.


Acroyoga is usually practiced in threes, with one person in contact with the ground, one moving in the air, carried by the first and ensuring the safety of the other two.These three roles are clearly defined, they are called, the base, the flyer and the spotter.


To allow you to evolve in a stimulating environment; AcroYoga is built on the principles of trust, caring communication, respect and inclusion.
More than a simple sport, it is a way to awaken to humanist values ​​as well as to find interactions, more sincere, more attentive, more confident.

Game and development

AcroYoga wants to be a playful practice, putting forward the game and supporting individuals in their progress, whatever their levels.There is no other objective than to have fun, that is why in AcroYoga we always seek to positively strengthen our play partners: "If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain what he is . But if you treat it as if it were what it should and can become, then it will become what it should and can be. "(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

AcroYoga and me

I have been practicing AcroYoga intensively since 2017 and I have participated in many seminars, conventions and immersions.

At the beginning of 2019, I followed the AcroYoga International teacher course, as well as an in-depth training in Thai massage in Asia, Thaï Massage Circus. Since then, I have given AcroYoga workshops in several festivals, at festive events or in yoga studios. I teach weekly courses in Strasbourg.

In january 2020 I just finished my level 2 AcroYoga Teacher training with advanced therapeutics and solar elements.

  • All levels - Saturday morning (Strasbourg Esplanade): Yogami (dead end of the rue de Londres) from 10h to 11h30.

Single lesson: 15 €
Card of 10 lessons: 140 €

In addition to these periodic courses, I also lead ad hoc workshops, to find out the dates, I invite you to follow Primal Bloom on Facebook.

If you wish to organize a course or an initiation of AcroYoga for your event or your company, please contact me directly by email:

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