Wim Hof Method Workshop

In one day, we explore the basic principles of the Wim Hof ​​method throught practice by connecting to our body mechanisms with various exercises.

The purpose of this day is to integrate the benefits of a conscious control of the autonomic nervous system. And to have tools to develop day by day this link between mental and physiology.

To fully live this adventure, we evolve in a benevolent environment, driven by the energy of the group. The pedagogical approach, alternating theory, practice and play, promotes an intuitive learning to integrate the elements of the method along the water.


12h30 - 13h30 : Lunch

A convivial moment to share and share the dishes prepared by each one.

13h30 - 14H30 : Mindset tests

Most people have heard of the placebo effect, which in some cases is as effective as drugs. In this part, we will experience the influence of a focused breathing on differents parts of the body. We will also present the importance of limiting the negative thoughts, which can also have an action on the body (called nocebo effect).

These notions will be illustrated by physical exercises of the Yoga type with special attention to the breath.

15h30 - 16H : Closing circle

To end the day, we will be able to express ourselves on the feeling of this day rich in experiences and we will set goals to the measure of each to sustain the benefits of the method in the long term.

After the workshop

Each participant will receive photos and a video of their immersion in an ice bath.
It will be possible for all to integrate a community of former participants to exchange and motivate each other in the practice of the method.

Plan a private workshop

You want me to come teach a workshop for you collegues or friends ?

I would love to do that, just write me about it.

9h - 10h : Introduction

To begin the day, we will approach the opening to oneself and to others. I will begin by introducing myself, then, everyone will be able to expose in a fun way the different experiences that brought him to this day. This exercise helps to create a caring and safe environment.

10h - 11h : Presentation of the Method

This theoretical part details the history of the method, it is based above all on the story of a man who, like everyone, had difficult times. But this one, furthermore than just keeping his head out of the water, has managed to transcend these challenges by creating real tools of personal overcoming with the desire to share those benefits with everyone.

14h30 - 15h30 : Break your shackles

We all have a story, filled with trials, teachings and habits that today make us who we are.

At certain moments of life, it may happen that the agglomeration of those trials form soemthing that is not in harmony with our needs.

The question of change can then arise, but how to change elements that take roots so deep within us ?

The first step is to get rid of everything that is not needed any more. To clean up negative thoughts to connect with our inner strength.

We all have tremendous potential, to wake up it, exercises lead us to go out gradually and benevolently from our comfort zone to see the happiness, confidence and strength that emerge.

In addition to the benefits on our mind, the ice bath stimulates all our metabolism to allow our immune system and allows to anchor very concretely the potential of breath control and mindset.

After successfully extending the comfort zone for an ice bath, it will be possible to overcome any other situations reamaning calm and happy.

11h - 12h30 : Wim Hof Breathing

During our life, our environment change many times, the only thing that accompanies us from beginning to end is our breath. It follow us every minute and fluctuates according to our emotions. In this practice-oriented part, exercises help us to measure the impact of the breath on our mental states, then we use the breath to intensify the resonance of our bodily mechanisms and thus make them palpable. The Wim Hof ​​breath stimulates the hormonal system and creates a bridge with our nervous system.

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