Yoga and me

Yoga is an ancient wisdom from India that aims to unite body and mind.

For me it is a wonderful tool to learn how to discover your body, but also to listen to indications that it gives us.

I started yoga a few years ago to solve chronic foot pain problems. I was brought to wear orthopedic insoles, and even with these, a full day on my feets systematicly prevented me from setting foot on the ground during the following days.

The yoga classes taught me to have better body support, and after a few weeks, my muscles supporting my posture more effectively, the foot pain has completely disappeared.


9h - 10h : Introduction

To begin the day, we will approach the opening to oneself and to others. I will begin by introducing myself, then, everyone will be able to expose in a fun way the different experiences that brought him to this day. This exercise helps to create a caring and safe environment.

10h - 11h : Presentation of the Method

This theoretical part details the history of the method, it is based above all on the story of a man who, like everyone, had difficult times. But this one, furthermore than just keeping his head out of the water, has managed to transcend these challenges by creating real tools of personal overcoming with the desire to share those benefits with everyone.

11h - 12h30 : Wim Hof Breathing

During our life, our environment change many times, the only thing that accompanies us from beginning to end is our breath. It follow us every minute and fluctuates according to our emotions. In this practice-oriented part, exercises help us to measure the impact of the breath on our mental states, then we use the breath to intensify the resonance of our bodily mechanisms and thus make them palpable. The Wim Hof ​​breath stimulates the hormonal system and creates a bridge with our nervous system.

Subsequently, once fortified, I really appreciated the lightness of a fair alignment and the serenity that could bring a breath supporting the movement.

Today, I apprehend yoga as a form of medicine for the mind, body and spirit. This is for me the practical manual of the functioning of the human body.

With regular practice, we can understand movements and positions respectful of our body, helping to carry us in our daily activities.

Yoga teaches respect and listening, first for oneself, but also of others.

A gentle physical exercise with attention to breathing causes the secretion of serotonin (happiness hormone). This hormone is considered a natural antidepressant, which in addition to not having the side effects, strengthens our skeleton.


Yoga is therefore rightly perceived by the medical profession as an important element of a healthy lifestyle.

14h30 - 15h30 : Briser nos conditionnements

Nous avons tous une histoire, remplie d'épreuves, d'enseignements et d'habitudes formant aujourd'hui la personne que nous sommes.

A certains moments de la vie, il peut arriver que cette agglomération d'éléments nous constituant  ne soit plus en harmonie avec nos besoins.


La question du changement peut alors se poser, oui, mais comment changer ce que nous sommes ?

La première étape est de faire de la place de ce dont nous n'avons plus besoin, de nettoyer les pensées limitantes ou négatives pour connecter avec notre force intérieure.

Nous avons tous un potentiel immense, pour réveiller celui-ci, des exercices nous amènent à sortir de façon progressive et bienveillante de notre zone de confort pour constater le bonheur, la confiance et la force qui s'en dégagent.

En plus des bienfaits sur notre mental, le bain glacé stimule tout notre métabolisme pour renforcer notre système immunitaire et permet d'ancrer très concrètement l'efficacité du contrôle du souffle et de la concentration.

Après avoir réussi à étendre sa zone de confort pour y inclure le bain glacé il sera possible à chacun de surmonter avec grâce toutes les situations que la vie pourra lui présenter.

15h30 - 16H : Closing circle

To end the day, we will be able to express ourselves on the feeling of this day rich in experiences and we will set goals to the measure of each to sustain the benefits of the method in the long term.

En complément

Chaque participant recevra des photos ainsi qu'une vidéo de son immersion en bain glacé.

Il sera possible à tous d'intégrer une communauté d'anciens participants pour échanger et stimuler une pratique régulière.

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