Wake up the potential inside of you

What is it?

The Wim Hof ​​method is a set of techniques developed for over 30 years by Wim Eric Hof, a 59-year-old Dutchman.

It is structured around three pillars:
- breathing
- concentration
- cold exposure

The combined power of these three elements allowed Wim to fight depression and achieve many feats previously unimaginable!

He ran a half marathon over the Arctic Circle, wearing nothing more than just shorts.

He proved himself able to stay immersed in a bath of ice for almost 2 hours, and run a marathon in the Namibian desert without drinking a single drop of water.

Why ?

For Who?

Whether you have a stressful daily routine, low morale, looking to improve your athletic performance, whether you have difficulty accepting what is, or health problems, stimulating a deep connection with your inner balance you will be beneficial.

If you think you're super chilly, it's even better, the benefits will be increased tenfold!

The only contraindications are for pregnant women, untreated heart patients or people with recent surgery.


Wim Hof Method Workshop

To awaken your potential and reach the best version of yourself, we will use breathing techniques, concentration and work on the comfort zone by a benevolent exposure to the cold.
Price : 90 € for a full day

Weekly Lessons

Each Thursday morning we discuss the methods to integrate into your daily rituals to initiate the positive changes necessary to achieve the dream life we ​​want, with exercises in concentration, visualization, breathing and writing.
Price: € 15 per lesson (€ 140 for a 10 lesson card)

Three days in the Vosges forest and crests to deepen the Wim Hof ​​method in the great outdoors
Price: 450 € accommodation and meals included

Wim Hof ​​Weekend


Although this is its most publicized side, the Wim Hof ​​method is not just about diving into icy baths.

The different tools aim to develop an understanding of our body, and how the mind intervenes on it.

Beyond this understanding, exercises aim to identify the automatisms that hinder us and replace them with positive functions for us.

After assimilation, the benefits are numerous.

On a physical level, it is not uncommon for people to say they feel more energetic, have a healthier body and no longer fear the cold.

At the psychological level, the fact of going out in a regular and benevolent way of its comfort zone makes it possible to develop a strong determination to work for its own good.

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