At the heart of the vosgian forest

Wim Hof ​​Weekend March 20-21

We have decided to organize a full weekend this winter to allow you to deepen your practice of the Wim Hof ​​Method in exceptional conditions. A magical immersion experience in the heart of the Vosges forest.


Primal Bloom joins forces with Claire de Lise Yoga and Shanti Yoga Massage to offer you a unique experience rich in colors and flavors to evolve towards an advanced practice of the Wim Hof ​​method in the best conditions.

Two days and two nights to rediscover yourself, in contact with others and with nature, to live an extraordinary adventure that will awaken your hidden potential and bring back the keys to your life to be strong, happy and healthy.

Why participate in this Weekend?

Deepen and experience the advanced practice of the Wim Hof ​​method in the heart of the forest
• Experiment with different types of events such as swimming in a frozen body of water or walking in shorts on the Vosges ridges

• Find out how to approach benevolence in every moment with practice exercises with cold, body and rhythm

• Taste Patrick's vegan and creative cuisine to provide energy and nutrients with healthy, lively food

• Approach a gentle, fluid and crescendo yoga practice, made up of meditation, observation, postures and breath awareness ... to awaken each cell.

• Share unique moments in the event and the conviviality that will allow you to forge deep ties with your new friends from the Wim Hof ​​Tribe.

11h - 12h30 : Wim Hof Breathing

During our life, our environment change many times, the only thing that accompanies us from beginning to end is our breath. It follow us every minute and fluctuates according to our emotions. In this practice-oriented part, exercises help us to measure the impact of the breath on our mental states, then we use the breath to intensify the resonance of our bodily mechanisms and thus make them palpable. The Wim Hof ​​breath stimulates the hormonal system and creates a bridge with our nervous system.

Subsequently, once fortified, I really appreciated the lightness of a fair alignment and the serenity that could bring a breath supporting the movement.

Today, I apprehend yoga as a form of medicine for the mind, body and spirit. This is for me the practical manual of the functioning of the human body.

With regular practice, we can understand movements and positions respectful of our body, helping to carry us in our daily activities.

Yoga teaches respect and listening, first for oneself, but also of others.

A gentle physical exercise with attention to breathing causes the secretion of serotonin (happiness hormone). This hormone is considered a natural antidepressant, which in addition to not having the side effects, strengthens our skeleton.


Yoga is therefore rightly perceived by the medical profession as an important element of a healthy lifestyle.

Samedi après-midi

Première mise en pratique en extérieur au contact de la nature, appréhender les éléments, la confiance et la force du groupe.

Samedi soir

Temps de convivialité pour se détendre et échanger autour des pratiques, suivi d'un atelier conscience du corps et rapport à l'autre

Dimanche matin

Approche de la pratique avancée de la méthode Wim Hof en théorie et en pratique :
• Exercices de respirations avancées, quelle respiration pour quel usage
• Détails des dernières avancées scientifiques publiés sur le fonctionnement du métabolisme exposé au froid, à la respiration et à un stress contrôlé
• Baignade en milieu naturel dans un lac

Dimanche après-midi

Suite de la pratique avancée:

• Excursion sur le Drumont (1200m) en short

• Pratique des techniques avancées pour générer sa propre chaleur

• Petit parcours pied nu dans la neige (sous réserve de la météo)

15h30 - 16H : Closing circle

To end the day, we will be able to express ourselves on the feeling of this day rich in experiences and we will set goals to the measure of each to sustain the benefits of the method in the long term.

Les assiettes

Le week-end s’effectue en pension complète avec six repas confectionnés par Claire-Lise

Une cuisine végane riche en couleur et en saveur confectionné avec des produits frais et principalement locaux.

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