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Yoga and me

Yoga is an ancient wisdom from India that aims to unite body and mind.

For me it is a wonderful tool to learn how to discover your body, but also to listen to indications that it gives us.

I started yoga a few years ago to solve chronic foot pain problems. I was brought to wear orthopedic insoles, and even with these, a full day on my feets systematicly prevented me from setting foot on the ground during the following days.

The yoga classes taught me to have better body support, and after a few weeks, my muscles supporting my posture more effectively, the foot pain has completely disappeared.

Subsequently, once fortified, I really appreciated the lightness of a fair alignment and the serenity that could bring a breath supporting the movement.

Today, I apprehend yoga as a form of medicine for the mind, body and spirit. This is for me the practical manual of the functioning of the human body.

With regular practice, we can understand movements and positions respectful of our body, helping to carry us in our daily activities.

Yoga teaches respect and listening, first for oneself, but also of others.

A gentle physical exercise with attention to breathing causes the secretion of serotonin (happiness hormone). This hormone is considered a natural antidepressant, which in addition to not having the side effects, strengthens our skeleton.


Yoga is therefore rightly perceived by the medical profession as an important element of a healthy lifestyle.

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